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Clinical observership opportunities are offered to trained US and international physicians and post-doctoral scientists. Approved observers may not participate in direct or indirect patient care; however, participants will observe patient histories, physician examinations, procedures, surgeries, outpatient appointments, teaching rounds, research projects, and educational conferences. Through this experience, observers are able to enhance their knowledge of laryngology clinical practices and initiate process improvement at their home institutions. Observers will be under the direct supervision of our laryngology faculty. This observership is not a clerkship, nor an experience that will confer academic credit.

Research opportunities are offered to trained US and international clinicians and post-doctoral scientists. Participants will have an opportunity to take part in a robust clinical and basic science research experience in cooperation with the laryngology faculty and collaborating research staff. This experience does not confer academic credit.


  • Experience: Experience in a healthcare or related field.
  • Duration: Clinical observerships are available for a one or two-week time period. Research opportunities are available for a six-month time period.
  • Fees and Costs: There is no charge for these programs. No fees will be paid for participation.
  • Accommodations: Any travel related expenses, including airfare, accommodations, meals and transportation will be at your own expense.
  • Mandatory Language Requirement: All applicants must be proficient in English.
  • Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement: All applicants are required to have adequate and documented health insurance coverage for the duration of their participation.
  • Mandatory Immunization Requirement: All applicants shall be responsible for obtaining requirement immunization or tests at their own expense prior to starting the program. International applicants must meet these requirements before arrival in the US. Official documentation will be necessary.
  • International Applicants: International applicants participating in the six-month program must apply for a J1 visa.

Interested applicants can send their CV and a personal statement that includes a primary area of interest and career goals to: